Founded in 2019, on the initiative of personalities gathering around the Mansart Foundation to find a solution to the condition of this exceptional site, the Chateau de Bagatelle Foundation works with passion and enthusiasm for the restoration, embellishment and international reputation of the chateau de Bagatelle.

A new home for masterworks of 18th century French art 

The foundation aims to redecorate Bagatelle while exhibiting unique masterworks of French decorative arts and original 18th century paintings. Furniture and gilt bronzes will be loaned by the French «Mobilier National», and several other exceptional pieces by private art collectors. Donations will allow us to acquire additional artworks on the market. The renovation and decoration of the chateau will be monitored by the foundation’s scientific committee. 

Exhibitions and cultural events 

The chateau will be open to the public for regular visits. A dedicated space will be dedicated to temporary exhibitions, in partnership with other institutions. A program of concerts and cultural events will encourage the public to regularly visit the chateau, making it a must-see destination for Parisians as well as other French and international visitors. 

Social Mission 

The Foundation is very much focused on its key social mission, which is to open its doors to less privileged visitors and enable them to see, understand and appreciate legacy buildings and art history, thereby helping them develop both their curiosity and their creativity. 

Educative Mission 

The Mansart Foundation will organise educational events with the assistance of professional craftsmen and women. This will include a large selection of visits, seminars, and workshops dedicated to school children. To the extent possible, the building site will be open for visits, with special sessions dedicated to pupils of the Ecole de Chaillot, as well as other students and researchers in art history and architecture. 

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