The Lords of Maintenon – The Middle Ages

The presence of a castle in Maintenon has been documented at least since the 13th century. It is the property of Amaury, from a family of the lineage of the lords of Montfort. The castle remained in their possession until the 16th century.

Jean Cottereau - The Renaissance

At the beginning of the 16th century, the land of Maintenon became the property of Jean Cottereau, powerful treasurer and general superintendent of the kingdom finances. A lover of the arts, he undertook important works with a royal magnificence. The lordship arrived thanks to the alliance with the d’Angennes family, which would give rise to the first Marquises of Maintenon.

Madame de Maintenon - The Grand Siècle

In 1674, Françoise d´Aubigné, future Madame de Maintenon, bought the entire estate thanks to the generosity of King Louis XIV. The main extensions experienced by the castle at the end of the century are linked to the construction of the aqueduct and the Sun King's stays at the castle on this occasion.

The Noailles and Raindre families

In 1698, Madame de Maintenon bequeathed the estate to her niece Françoise Amable d’Aubigné when she married Adrien Maurice, Duke of Ayen, later Duke of Noailles. The castle then remained in the Noailles family until the 20th century.

The Mansart Foundation

In 1983, Geneviève de Noailles and her husband Jean Raindre bequeathed the estate to the Foundation to safeguard this majestic heritage. The day-to-day management of this exceptional site being now entrusted to the Departmental Council of Eure-et-Loir.