The magazine Paris Match features the history of Villa Windsor

15 July 2023

The magazine Paris Match is featuring the history of Villa Windsor this week. Stéphane Bern invites you to discover the history of this private mansion, which served as General de Gaulle's residence during the Liberation. It later hosted the Duke and Duchess of Windsor from 1953. The former King Edward VIII lived there until his death in 1972. Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by her son Prince Charles, also visited her uncle at the Villa.

Today, the legendary Villa Windsor, a symbol of Franco-British friendship and witness to significant episodes in our contemporary history, is the subject of an ambitious restoration project that will lead to its opening to the public in a few months.

From left to right: Albéric de Montgolfier, President of the Mansart Foundation, Stéphane Bern, Alexis Robin, General Director of the Mansart Foundation. © Photo: all rights reserved.