Monsieur Raindre enters his hundredth year!

09 January 2023

Born on January 9, 1924, Jean Raindre is a well-known and highly regarded figure in Eure-et-Loir for his immense dedication to the rescue, restoration, and subsequent opening to the public of the Maintenon castle.

Upon the passing of Duke Adrien de Noailles in October 1953, Jean Raindre and his wife Geneviève de Noailles took up the challenge and embarked on the restoration of the castle, which had been heavily damaged during the Second World War. The couple then began this extensive restoration project. With passion, determination, and courage, they gradually restored the château to its former splendor, befitting its illustrious history.

In addition to his commitment to the heritage of Eure-et-Loir, Jean Raindre pursued a private career and, notably, was involved in the creation of INSEAD in 1959, one of the world's most prestigious business schools.

In Maintenon, a foundation was established at his initiative in 1983 to ensure the long-term future of the site. Starting in 2005, a partnership with the Departmental Council of Eure-et-Loir supported its development, and in 2013, the formal French gardens were restored according to the plans designed by Le Nôtre 350 years earlier.

In the early 2018, Jean Raindre agreed to share the history of the site during the Second World War with Guillaume Lepron and Alexis Robin, who co-authored the book Maintenon en guerre in the spring of the same year.

The following year, concerned about the future of the domain of Maintenon and its development, Jean Raindre and the Board of Directors of the Fondation Mansart solicited Albéric de Montgolfier to assume its presidency. Recognized as being of public interest, the Foundation now carries out its activities through numerous large-scale projects.

In recognition of his commitment to heritage, Jean Raindre was awarded the Knight of the Legion of Honor in July 2009.